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Download the latest version of Puzzle Fighter APK file

Puzzle Fighter APK Download:The so-called Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo was released in 1996 by Capcom as a response to the great success enjoyed by Puyo Puyo 2 in Japan at that time, though its arrival on consoles over the years made it a nostalgic treat, complete with an original one Gameplay: You participate in “battles” with Capcom heroes, where you make punches by fighting between colorful gems. After a few years ago released HD remake is now a completely custom adaptation for Android devices’s turn.

Puzzle Fighter APK Download
Puzzle fighter:

The gameplay of matching parts and their detonation with special spheres remains intact, while the controls work with touch gestures. Original is how the characters are displayed on the screen: they are now completely in 3D, to the detriment of the Super Deformed Sprites from the original title. The cast includes the popular characters from the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers sagas, as well as other contemporaries like Frank West from Dead Rising or the only Megaman.

To transform the game into a long-lasting freemium experience, they have embraced the classic technique of daily challenges, where you can progressively develop new cards, be it unlocking new characters or improving the special abilities you already have , Different leagues determine the level of opponents (real people) you will encounter, with special chests for victories and other popular events for people who enjoy playing with such games.

Although the game is not yet available on Google Play, we’ve already purchased it here on Uptodown for download via APK with no geographic restrictions.


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Puzzle Fighter by CAPCOM CO., LTD.

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Version: 2.0 (4267597)
Last updated: September 08, 2018
File Size: 61 mb


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